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Respiratory protective equipment also needs "anti-virus
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Respiratory protective equipment also needs "anti-virus

Source: Dongtai Rongxing Release date:2020-08-27 14:30 Views

  In industrial production and chemical tests, filter gas masks are generally chosen to prevent inhalation of poisonous gas and protect respiratory organs. However, respiratory protection products such as filter gas masks also need to be anti-virus.

  Why should respiratory protective equipment be anti-virus? Take filter gas mask for example.

  When we use filter gas masks to enter the poisonous gas environment for work, although the gas mask can protect us from inhaling the poisonous gas, the gas mask is exposed to the poisonous gas, especially in the poisonous vapor environment, the gas mask itself It will become a carrier of poisonous gas and venom. Although it will not affect the user's breathing, it is likely to remain on the gas mask and form a hidden danger of poisoning. Therefore, after using the gas mask, the mask should be cleaned, that is, anti-virus .

  How to clean the gas mask?p>

  In fact, the main thing is to clean the outer and inner parts of the gas mask. You can scrub the mask in soapy water with a soft-bristled brush first to clean off the dirt on the surface. Then rinse with clean water and place it in a dry and ventilated place to air dry. If it enters some highly toxic gas environment, take protective measures before cleaning the gas mask to avoid direct contact with the gas mask.

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