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How does a positive pressure oxygen breathing apparatus work
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How does a positive pressure oxygen breathing apparatus work

Source: Dongtai Rongxing Release date:2020-08-27 11:56 Views

  The positive pressure oxygen respirator is a systemic process of breathing and circulation throughout the use process. At the beginning of use, the high-pressure oxygen is decompressed by the pressure reducing valve and enters the air bag (breathing chamber) to supplement the oxygen consumed by the staff's breathing; at the same time, the exhaled gas is not discharged into the atmosphere, but is exhaled through the mask The valve enters the cleaning tank. The cleaning tank absorbs carbon dioxide and enters the airbag (breathing chamber), mixes with the oxygen in the airbag (breathing chamber) to form oxygenated air, enters the mask through the mask's suction valve and air duct, and supplies it to the staff Breathe, complete a complete breathing cycle. This process repeats itself until the oxygen runs out or the work is completed.

  Positive pressure oxygen respirator is accompanied by exothermic and cooling reactions during the repeated breathing process. The process of absorbing carbon dioxide in the cleaning tank is an exothermic reaction, which can slightly increase the temperature of the breathing gas. After the breathing gas enters the airbag (breathing cabin), and then passes through the cooler, the temperature of the breathing gas is reduced, so that the staff can breathe cool and clean gas. If the user needs additional oxygen, the diaphragm in the breathing chamber will drive the automatic supply valve to automatically supply the additional oxygen. If the user's exhaled air fully expands the breathing diaphragm, the excess air will flow out of the breathing chamber through the exhaust valve. The compression spring is loaded on the diaphragm so that the breathing chamber maintains a slightly higher positive pressure than the external environment.

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