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How to choose a positive pressure air respirator and a canis
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How to choose a positive pressure air respirator and a canis

Source: Dongtai Rongxing Release date:2020-08-27 14:46 Views

  Positive pressure air respirator is a kind of isolated respiratory protection equipment, which provides respiratory protection for users who work in an oxygen-deficient, toxic and harmful gas environment. During normal use, the pressure in the air respirator mask is always slightly higher than the pressure of the external environment, which can effectively prevent toxic and harmful gases from intruding into the gas mask to ensure the safety of users.

  The canister is usually used in conjunction with the gas mask, which refers to a device that filters the dust, toxic and harmful in the air through the principles of physical adsorption and chemical reaction, and then allows people to breathe.

  The difference between positive pressure air respirator and canister is:

  1. Difference in composition: Positive pressure air respirator is an independent respiratory protection product, while the canister is an accessory for respiratory protection equipment. The canister needs to be combined with a gas mask to be used normally;

2. Differences in anti-virus principles: Positive pressure air breathing apparatus is an isolated breathing apparatus. After the user wears a positive pressure air breathing apparatus, the personnel breathing system has a breathing apparatus cylinder to directly supply air, which is completely isolated from the external respiratory tract of toxic and harmful substances; The canister is a filtering breathing apparatus that uses the user's own breathing pressure to filter harmful substances from the outside through the activated carbon in the canister;

  3. The use time is different: the normal use time of the positive pressure air respirator is 50 to 60 minutes; the use time of the canister is directly related to the concentration of the harmful substance on the spot, and it is generally used for a few hours to several days.

4. Differences in protection objects: After wearing a positive pressure air respirator, it can protect the human respiratory system from all toxic and harmful substances, whether liquid, solid or gas; while the protection objects of the canister are selective, and the canister is only It can prevent toxic gases, and the harmful gases protected by different canisters are different, and the types of toxic gases are also limited.

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