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How to properly dispose of contaminated chemical protective
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How to properly dispose of contaminated chemical protective

Source: Dongtai Rongxing Release date:2020-08-27 15:32 Views

          There will be toxic and hazardous substances in industrial production. These toxic and hazardous substances are harmful to the respiratory system and skin. Therefore, we must do a good job of safety protection when working. Chemical protective clothing is one of our most common protective products. First, it is mainly for our body and skin protection. Toxic and harmful substances in the work will cause corrosion and other pollution to the chemical protective clothing. Then how to determine whether the protective clothing is contaminated and how to deal with it?

   To judge whether chemical protective clothing is polluted, professional people need to judge according to factors such as the exposure time of chemical protective clothing in the working environment, the chemicals involved, the exposure level, and the environment of the wearing area.

          If the chemical protective clothing is damaged, faded, odorous, hardened or cracked during use, or if there is other hand contamination, the chemical protective clothing cannot be reused. It cannot be used without protective equipment. The contaminated protection can be treated casually, and it must be incinerated or landfilled together with other hazardous waste according to the regulations of the place where it is installed. Before discarding, one sleeve or one trouser leg should be cut off to prevent bad businesses from being worn as protective clothing again.

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